Chow had a ten-year relationship with Yu Wenfeng until 2010.

Stephen Chow was born in city on twenty twoJune 1962 to Ling Po-yee, Associate in Nursingscholar of Guangzhoutraditional University, and Chow Yik-sheung, Associate in Nursingmigrant from Ningbo, Zhejiang.[4] Chow has Associate in Nursing elder sister named Chow Man-kei and a younger sister named Chow Sing-ha.[5] Chow’s forename “Sing-chi” derives from dynasty (618–907) Chinese writer Wang Bo’s essay Preface to the aristocrat of Teng’s collapsible shelter.[6] when his oldsterssingleonce he was seven, Chow was raised by his mother.

Chow attended Heep Woh grade school, a missionary collegeconnected to the port Council of the Church of Christ in China in Prince Edward Road, Kowloon ground.[7] once he was 9, he saw Bruce Lee’s film the large Boss, thatimpressed him to become a martial arts star.[8] Chow entered San Marinischool, wherever he studied aboard Lee Kin-yan.[8] once graduation, he was accepted to TVB’s acting categories.

Chow began his career as an additional for Rediffusion tv. He later joined TVB in 1982. He was drawn to attention hosting the TVB Jade children’s program 430 ballistic capsule.

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