The ‘Inescapable Natural Truth’ Fundraiser will be held on November 3, with 30 musicians performing with love.

The ‘Inescapable Natural Truth’ fundraising concert will be held on November 3 at the Rangoon National Theater, with 30 musicians performing with love. This is the third time My Music Entertainment has organized the event.

“This is the third time we have held this concert. There are many people in need of help at Thanlyin Nature Sanctuary. There are donors, but we are doing our best to help. People are more aware of the potential for donations at the event, and for those who find it difficult to attend, donations can be made at the event. As it is a fundraiser, all the artists, from the mechanical to the lighting, are lovingly involved. You don’t need to use it at home for this event, but you can use other people’s things. In addition to clothes, you can come to the donation center and donate whatever you like. Donating to the concert is also a donation, ”said Aung Lin of My Music Entertainment.

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