A memoir of Chan Myae Maung Cho, a young singer who continues to walk the path of music from Myanmar Idol stage.

For music lovers, it’s a fundamental way to get on the music trail, and for fans to choose their own song contest for the emergence of a new generation of music, it is said to be a moving event for music lovers. Among these competitions, Myanmar Idol Song Contest is one of the most popular among music lovers. This year’s Myanmar Idol Song Contest is one of the most exciting. Chan Myae Maung Cho, who missed out on the competition before the Grand Final due to ill health, is still in the running for the Top 2 Finalist and is currently continuing his musical career with the love of his fans. Here are some of the memorable moments of Chan Myae Maung Cho, a 19-year-old musician who is on a musical journey.

Chan Myae Maung Cho was born in Yangon and has a brother and sister. He remembers his childhood as a stubborn man. Chan Myae Maung Cho said that if he wants to do something, he can make his parents forbid him to do so. As a child, he used to dance when he heard music or not. As a child who loves to play, he recalls.

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