Venom continues to be North America’s highest grossing film

Sony-produced superhero Venom topped North America’s Top 10 highest-grossing films last week. Just like last week, A Star is Born was the second highest-grossing film.

Despite strong criticism, Venom grossed $ 35.7 million in the last three days of last week, grossing $ 69.7 million at international shows. Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born grossed $ 28 million.

Venom has grossed $ 142.8 million in North America alone since its launch.

The new film, First Man, about American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who first landed on the moon in 1969, grossed $ 16.5 million in its opening week and topped the list. The film stars Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong. First Man, which accounts for 88% of the film review website rottentomatos, has grossed nearly $ 60 million and grossed $ 25 million internationally. “First Man” is aimed at an adult audience and is not expected to crowd in the opening week. First Man will be a marathon, not a short run, according to Universal, the film’s producer. The director of First Man is Oscar-winning Damien Chazil.

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