“It will be over in three rounds between Karaki and the defending champions,” said Aung Lan San

ONE MMA bout champion Aung Lan San will take on Lebanese Karaki on October 26 as the defending middleweight world champion. Here is an online interview with Aung San Suu Kyi about preparing for the title defense.

Middleweight World Cup Defender Preparedness

I have been training for this race for 12 weeks. With over three months to prepare, we believe we can compete in the best way possible.

Opinion on Karachi

Karaki is good at sewing. He is also good at wrestling. It is good for ground fight. The undefeated record will surely push him. One of his weaknesses was that he was inexperienced. Karaki has won all nine games and is likely to have the highest level of confidence. His punches and punches. Weaknesses We have studied the advantages.

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