The life of actor Su Myat Noe Oo, who is walking the path of art with slow and steady steps

Fans of the film are also fascinated by those who have been invited to participate in the Myanmar Film Awards or Academy Awards, which are of great interest to all film lovers. There are many successful actresses through the academy. This week, as an academy director, I would like to share with you the childhood memories of actor Su Myat Noe Oo, who is now well-liked by fans.

Actor Su Myat Noe Oo was nominated by his parents, U Tin Win; Than Than Kyu was born on July 30, 1991 in Kawthaung. He has a brother and grew up in Kawthaung. He remembers his childhood as a playful child who was loved by his parents.

As a memento of my childhood, “One of my memories is that when I was three years old, I fell in love with a whole box of promina makeup. I used to smear it all over with a playmate. “I remember many times when I was very young, I used to have to erase my skin because I was afraid my skin would be damaged and my face would be bruised,” said Su Myat Noe Oo.

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