Tiger Wei and Shui Qi return more than $ 5.7 million to radio and television after Fang Pingping’s tax scandal erupts

Authorities have ordered Vicky Zhao and Shui to return $ 5.7 million each to radio and television after the actor’s tax scandal erupted.

Fang Pingping’s tax evasion shocked the Chinese art community. Top Chinese actor Feng Pingping, who has been missing for months, has been ordered by tax authorities to pay $ 129 million in tax evasion and other charges, state media reported on October 3. After Fan’s income was investigated, Huang Xiaoming; Many artists, including Chen Jianbin and Cecilia Liu, have resigned from their companies to avoid similar scrutiny.

Following the incident, Chinese authorities focused on restricting the ability of other artists to earn more than usual and imposed new rules. The acting fee for each TV series should not exceed $ 7.2 million. The state-run Radio and Television (NRTA) has announced that the acting fee for the TV show should not exceed $ 1.4 million.

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