Interview with Aye Myat Thu

The rising star of the Burmese film industry, Ngwe Win, who starred in the drama ‘Sky Dreams’ starring Aye Myat Thu, has been praised by fans, and has also met Aye Myat Thu.

Q: How do you feel about the fans talking about the character of Nay Chi Win Tae in ‘Sky Dream’?

A: Yes. Fans’ criticism of the Sunshine character in ‘Sky Dream’ has varied. Some people are not sure about themselves and think that they will be just as bad as the other characters. When I feel like that, I’m happy to be told that my acting skills are good, and I’m sad to be told that my acting skills are good. Some people are happy because they only support their performance. Some praised the acting. There is no disbelief. But there are those who say no more. Anyway, Aye Myat Thu is happy to be close to the fans. I’m happy

Q: Are there any more villainous characters to be filmed?

A: As a cool person, there is no such thing as a villain. There is only one thing in that story. It all depends on how well the character captures the cool guy.