May Myat Noe was cast as the lead actress in the California-directed film ‘Invincible’

Actress May Myat Noe has been cast as the lead actress in ‘Invincible’, a film directed by California and starring Johnny Strong from Fast and Furious 1. The film is being shot in Thailand and is a drama action genre.

“When Myat Noe arrived in Bangkok, she saw an advertisement called ‘Casting’ and applied for it. When it comes to casting, you have to try out the video. The first time I had to do what they told me to do, I had to do it again because the director needed to be natural. It worked out well and I got involved in casting. Now I am writing this movie. The director also teaches. According to the story, it is being shot in Bangkok. The production team is Thai. Before shooting, you have to negotiate and sign a contract. I got a lot of good experiences. Knowing Myat Noe’s potential and giving her a chance, she is trying her best. The movie is being shot. I came back for a while now because there are few jobs in Myanmar. Then go back and shoot until the end of the month. The film will be screened at the Red Carpet in Bangkok, according to the terms of the contract. It will be shown in other countries including the United States. As an actor from Myanmar, I try my best when I get the chance to act with the international community, ”said actress May Myat Noe.

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